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Do They Sell Nursing Scrubs For Cheap Online?

Do They Sell Nursing Scrubs For Cheap Online?

Do they Sell Nursing Scrubs for Cheap OnlineCheap Scrubs

Scrubs in their basic form are meant for everyday use. They are utilitarian, comfortable and readily replaceable. Because of its nature as an everyday uniform that takes punishment, it is quite okay to invest in cheap scrubs.

Rather than getting an expensive set that will eventually be worn and ruined by work, a cheap scrub set will do the same work at a much lower cost.

The good news is you can definitely buy cheap nursing scrubs online. In facts, with the demand of scrubs growing, there are several websites for to choose from. To know more about these websites, see the details below.

Online Stores

Online stores offer you the convenience of purchasing nursing scrubs with just the click of a button. They have a wide variety of scrubs to choose from as well as carry other accessories like shoes.

Here are a few websites along with some descriptions of what they carry:

  • All Heart – They carry scrubs for both men and women along with unisex scrubs. Basic scrub sets can go for less than $13. They have a wide selection of colors as well as different brands and styles. They also have clearance sales for both generic and designer scrubs which can add to your savings. Cheap tops can go for around $5 to $8.
  • Do they Sell Nursing Scrubs for Cheap Online Allheart Clearance SalesUniform Advantage – They are constantly in sale and have a variety of prints as well as solid colors for scrubs. Tops are a better deal here, while scrub sets can be a bit limited but are still available. Tops go for as low as $8 here.
  • Scrubin – Scrub sets come in different styles and patters. They also have seasonal scrubs for sale. Cheap scrub sets can go for around $15 and specials on tops can go for about $7. Branded scrubs can also be found on sale here.
  • Pulse Uniform – they offer branded as well as cheap scrubs. They do have clearance sales as well so you can find discounted items here. Basic sets can go for around $17. Tops can go for around $8 to $9.

You can also try a search on Amazon for other retailers of scrubs.

Optimizing your Purchase

Check for site certification before you make a purchase. While Amazon and other large online shopping sites are trusted, some sites may not be as familiar to us. View the contact information and ask before you make a purchase. This way, you can protect your order.

Do they Sell Nursing Scrubs for Cheap Online Caps For NursesWhen choosing a size, you can be a bit more comfortable knowing you do have some room to play with. Scrubs are generally loose fit and you don’t need exact measurements on your purchase. But try to get the range of lengths each size will fit so you won’t end up exchanging items too often.

You can usually get a higher discount for sets. If you’re just looking for tops, you can still find great variety of different prints and colors at great prices online. You can also find different accessories in these sites like caps and footwear for nurses.

So don’t fret about spending a lot for good scrubs. There are plenty of cheap options that still deliver good quality items for your use.


Do Cheap Nursing Scrubs Last?

Do Cheap Nursing Scrubs Last?

cheap nursing scrubsIf you are a nurse or other healthcare professional who has to wear scrubs to work every day, you may be tempted to try and save money by buying cheap nursing scrubs. Brand-name, top-quality scrubs can get expensive, and if you are just starting out in your career, it can feel like you need to invest in a whole new wardrobe to meet your work clothing requirements.

While trusted brand-name scrubs are usually a sure bet, cheap nursing scrubs may be less reliable and might have to be replaced more often.

Where can I find cheap nursing scrubs?

  • cheap clearance scrubsDepending on how cheap you want your scrubs to be, you might want to try for low-priced scrubs. Enter your search terms and sort the results by “price: low to high” to see your very cheapest options. Amazon is a good option because you will get to see customer reviews for each item.
  • Another place to get cheap nursing scrubs is, the auction site. If you sort your results by “Price + Shipping: lowest first,” you will see scrubs as cheap as 99 cents each. However, keep in mind that Ebay does not offer customer reviews on specific products, although you can view the customer reviews for each seller. In addition, while the price may be 99 cents now, it may go up as more people bid on the item.
  • You can also check various scrub and uniform websites for sales and discounts, although the prices won’t be as drastically low as they are on Amazon and Ebay.

Do cheap scrubs last?

cheap thin scrubsThere is no one answer to the question of whether or not cheap nursing scrubs last, as scrubs are manufactured by many different companies and in various styles and materials. Try checking the customer reviews on sites like Amazon. While many of the cheapest options do not have any reviews yet, the ones that do tend to be a little lower than the reviews on brand name scrubs. Some of the complaints include “too short,” “very thin” and “felt like wearing paper,” which suggests that these cheap scrubs would not last very long with frequent use. However, conflicting reviews on the same items say that they are “good quality” and that they “wash up nicely.” Without trying out the scrubs for yourself, there is no sure way of knowing whether or not they will last.

While it is hard to say whether cheap nursing scrubs will last as part of your regular work clothing rotation, it can probably be said that you will save money in the long run by investing in trusted, high-quality scrubs. Scrubs that have stood the test of time for many healthcare workers are likely to last longer and leave you more satisfied in general than cheap scrubs that have mixed reviews and haven’t been tried by many people. Looking for sales and discounts on trusted brands like Koi, Landau, Urbane, and others is a good way to find high-quality scrubs for less money and still ensure that the scrubs will last a while.


Best-Selling Cheap Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

Best-Selling Cheap Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

cheap Grey's Anatomy scrubsA Grey’s Anatomy solid scrub top usually costs more than $25, while a print top can cost more than $30. We have scoured leading online dealers to give you the best-selling, yet cheap Grey’s Anatomy scrubs. Here they are.

1. Junior Fit Mock Wrap Elastic Back Top
Price: $21.99

This comes with a $29.99 price tag, but if you buy it on sale, you’ll end up spending only $21.99. Why is this one of the best-selling scrub tops?

First, this mock wrap top comes with an elastic back. This feature gives you a slim fit which flatters your figure. It has two front pockets, princess seams, and front slits for flexibility and ease of movement.

The fabric is made from a poly-rayon blend, so if you’re looking for a durable scrub top, this should be on top of your list. It is available in 18 colors such as nickel, twilight, truffle, and hunter green. To get this top at $21.99, choose the raspberry color.

According to reviews, this top displays the following positive features.

  • does not constrict your chest
  • long enough for tall women
  • super soft fabric
  • wrinkle-free
  • very comfortable

2. Junior Fit Embroidered Top
Price: $23.99

This top has a round neckline with a partically gathered sleeves, making them a little bit puffy. The embroidery is pretty and it gives the top a feminine look and touch. It has an empire waistline, side slits, and two front pockets. It is available in six colors, but the top picks include aqua, nectar, and cactus.

Consumers who left their review about this top have only good things to say. Here are some of them.

  • worth the purchase
  • looks great in any age
  • totally flattering

3. Junior Fit Mock Placket Buckle Front Top
Price: $23.99

This top is ideal for women who love details or accents. It comes with a buckle front, a placket, and three buttons. Other features include an elastic back and a v-neckline.

This top is available in 9 colors, but if you want to spend only $23.99, choose from any of the following colors:

  • pink quartz
  • blue moon
  • khaki
  • passion
  • white
  • teal

According to reviews, this top is great for women who have fuller bust. The material also feels soft and comfortable.

4. Electric Thea Stretch Print Scrub Top
Price: $24.99

cheap Grey's Anatomy scrubs - Electric Thea Stretch Print Scrub TopThis is a print scrub top that has a v-neck feature and a stretch inset. It is sophisticated, and it’s ideal for middle-aged women. Other features of this top include:

  • empire waist
  • fitted back
  • side slits
  • two front pockets
  • accent trim

Women who previously bought this top left generic comments, but some of them said that this top is very flattering and the fabric is very comfortable.

Speaking of fabric, these tops are made from the company’s arcLux fabric technology, which combines poly, rayon, and spandex. The result is a fabric that is stretch and has a soil-release feature.


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